ASDR Toy, Mini & Standard Aussies
Early Neurological Stimulation 
LIFETIME Genetic Guarantee* • Extensive Socialization
OFA CAER • OFA Hips, Elbows & Patellas • Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing 
• Lifetime Breeder Support • & Much More from Our Family here at L.L.A to Yours!

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Please Note: Applications & Calls* are being processed & handled slowly.

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Lucky Little Aussies "Highlights":

Lucky Little Aussies’ LOVES our job as Doggie Doulas & Bringing Families Together  🥰

Our Support, Commitments and Love for Dogs & Family is Fur-Life not just Fur-Now! — Join L.L.A on a Journey to match you with a Fur-Life Friend of Your Own 🥰

L.L.A is Here with YOU from the Start to the Very End, we Promise! ❤️


Customer Service Information:

We are Big on Family. We Always Prioritize Our Family & Fur-kids. The Mental & Physical Health and Quality of Life for Everyone (Including Our Pets) comes FIRST.  

We, ALSO, have WEIRD HOURS as Sometimes we pull 24 HOUR SHIFTS! 🙈 We do our BEST to make time for Everyone Else When We Can 💕

We Homeschool our Kids, Train our Dogs, Work with & Socialize Puppies, Complete Daily Chores, have Family Time & other Obligations.  Although, we cannot be available at all times... we ARE here for all Aussie Pet Parents & try to be as Responsive as Possible within reason! 

NO Family is Ever an 
inconvenience or a bother & NO Questions are "Dumb", we Value You all and Your Thoughts & Concerns!! 

Sometimes we are just busy or have a lot of emails/messages/comments to reply to and will respond ASAP; if we do not reply AFTER ONE WEEK, Please, RE-SEND Your Message as it MIGHT have gotten Buried or Accidentally marked as "READ" and, subsequently, Missed.

Feel free to Email L.L.A ANYTIME & we Will Respond ASAP But Monday-Friday we will Respond Quicker.

We do Our Best to be Available for Phone Calls but are Not Always Available to Talk on the Phone as Our Hands-On Work Hours Vary & are Often Extended into the Night.


Monday-Friday: HOURS VARY

Saturday: OPEN for Pick-Up OR Meet & Greet's ONLY


We are Always Here to Answer Questions or Ease Any Concerns!

THANK YOU ALL for Your Support & Patience! EVERY Person/Family, Potential Pet Parents & Existing Pet Parents ARE Valued & Important! 🥰


We will Assist You As Soon As Possible;

In the Meantime, PLEASE, Review Our Website (Especially Our Entire Home Page, "Our Process", "Genetic Testing & Guarantees", "NuVet Vitamins & Products" & "APPLY, Get Notified & Our Contract" PAGES) for Important & Useful Information to Aid You in Your Search for an Australian Shepherd Puppy of Any Size!  Also, Check out Our FACEBOOK PAGE OR INSTAGRAM PAGE to Watch Our Past or Upcoming Videos! 😘

Is a Mini/Toy Aussie Right for YOU ?

Brief Overview of the Breed:

Australian Shepherds have it ALL; Aussies have Intelligence, Athleticism, Good Looks (Color Variations for Coat & Eye Color), Incredible Personalities, Varying Energy Levels && OVERALL, are a Great breed for the WHOLE family!

There are Calm Ones, Energetic Ones, Blue Ones, Red Ones, Black Ones, Little Ones, Medium Ones, Big Ones, Fluffy Ones (Show Coats), Not So Fluffy Ones (Working Coats), etc.  We believe this is the best breed because the Variety is so vast that its Almost impossible to not find what you are looking for! 


Despite being an Amazing breed it is still best to LEARN about the breed & be Positive an Australian Shepherd is Right for You!
Example; Many, if not all, Australian Shepherds are Naturally Apprehensive towards Strange People and/or Strange Animals, they Instinctively want to Protect their Herd/Family -- it is what they are Bred to do. For Many Aussies Trust Must be Earned by Strange People/Animals.


The Mini/Toy Australian Shepherd is just like the standard size of this breed but in an adorable, more Compact package.

Mini & Toy Aussies are extremely smart & love the opportunity to be a Working part of the household.  They can be trained to do many tasks, such as being a running or hiking companion, helping with laundry, cleaning up toys, opening doors, turning on/off lights, doing yoga with you, being emotional support dogs & so much MORE!


They are high-spirited, strong, determined dogs with average exercise requirements. They are eager and often tenacious players of more intensive activities, like jogging or hiking.

Overall, these dogs can adapt pretty well to living in small dwellings (like a trailer or an apartment) as long as their exercise needs are met both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY (ex. Daily walk/jog, Plus mind stimulation through tasks or games).


**Keep in mind, that Boredom is the MAIN reason for Several unwanted behavioral patterns (ex. destructiveness, hyperactivity, unreasonable barking).​ So, getting a dog that has a Higher Drive than You & Your Family can Maintain WILL lead to Issues. -- Fear & Insecurity can, also, lead to unwanted behavioral patterns. 
(L.L.A's View on Canine Love Languages! 

That being said, as You look for a puppy/dog I Strongly Recommend asking every breeder About Each Puppy’s ENERGY Level, DRIVE LEVELS  (Prey, Defense, Fight, Rank & Pack) and their TEMPERAMENT (“personality”) because Overall, Personality, Energy Levels & Drives will impact your Life more than the way they look.

You grow to love any of them (usually before you even get them lol) but when their Personality & their Energy Level Matches yours & your family’s it is just Perfect!! 🥰


I personally wish the breeders I spoke with, when I first started, Guided me a bit as far as Each Puppy’s Energy Level, Personality & Drives when I was looking, because I would have have chosen differently for MY family & Our LIFESTYLE.


It makes it hard when you aren’t as active as your dog wants to be Or when you are More active than your dog wants to be.


...Again, Boredom Easily occurs in Higher Drive & Higher Energy dogs who are Not being Stimulated Mentally & Physically to the Extent they Need & it is the Main reason for destructive & unwanted behavior. 


We don’t want you to feel like we are telling you to disregard what you are looking for; we just want to make sure your lifestyle & dog You Choose are Compatible!..


...& We want you to find Exactly what You are Looking for & More! We want You to AVOID what we went through.  Read About Us!

IF an Aussie IS the Right Fit for YOU & Your Family...

 We here @Lucky Little Aussies (aka L.L.A) STRIVE to go ABOVE & BEYOND the Basics of Breeding, Health Testing, Socializing, etc.

We Actively look for ways to improve and believe in providing our dogs, puppies and customers with our Absolute Best!

ALL Dogs (Purebred or Not) are Prone to Specific Inheritable Diseases. Research and History of Breeds has been Beneficial in creating "BREED Specific Health Tests" Required or Expected for Each Breed based on what they are most likely to Genetically Inherit.

Listed on our Genetics Page are Credible Resources on what is Required or Expected to be an "Excellent Breeder". 


For Every Adult Dog Lucky Little Aussies does: 


  • OFA Hips, Elbows & Patellas

  • Full Panel Testing for at Least NINE Different Diseases
    (INCLUDING the few tests AKC & OFA require)


  • & Thorough Veterinarian Exams.

BEFORE allowing our dogs to participate in our breeding program L.L.A Closely Monitors & Evaluates:

  • Genetics

  • Temperament

  • Intellect

  • Conformation 

  • More 


PLUS, we Microchip ALL of our Adults and Puppies for Permanent Identification.


We are so Confident that we are breeding healthy, genetically excellent fur-babies that we offer a LIFETIME Genetic Guarantee* AND a Congenital Defects/Impairments Guarantee*, with Specifications & Exceptions on our GENETICS PAGE & IN OUR CONTRACT.

  Our Genetics Page explains further about our guarantee & how ALL of Our Adult Dogs are Full Panel Tested for at Least 9 Different Diseases & the Results are Publicly Posted here & Results are Provided to Each Customer & Disclosed IN EVERY CONTRACT UPON PURCHASE.

(Please, refer to our GENETIC TESTING PAGE & OUR AUSSIES PAGE for More Information).

We do NOT remove Dew Claws!

“During canter/turning, dew claws dig into the ground to keep the carpus from turning.  It IS a functioning digit & they can use it as such. “200-1” are the odds/Chances of Injury (low injury issue).”

“Very helpful in icy weather.  When dew claws are removed, the tendons/ligs are modified & it takes away strength from the dog.  In most cases, if you keep the nail trimmed it really doesn't pose as a risk of catching on things - certainly things can happen but the risk is not as high as it's made out to be.”


Dew Claw functionality:

We do NOT dock Tails!

We do Not feel comfortable with Altering Animals' Bodies & Removing Essential Body Parts (their TAIL) that aids in Balance, Socialization/Communication, Swimming Aide & other aspects of their lives. 


“The essential question is not “How harmful is the procedure?”, but rather, “Is there sufficient justification for performing it?”


Performing a surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes (i.e., for the sake of appearance) implies the procedure is not medically indicated.


Because dogs have not been shown to derive self-esteem or pride in appearance from having their tails docked (common reasons for performing cosmetic procedures on people), there is no obvious benefit to our patients in performing this procedure.


The only benefit that appears to be derived from cosmetic tail docking of dogs is the owner’s impression of a pleasing appearance.

In the opinion of the AVMA, Owner's Cosmetic Preferences are insufficient justification for performing a surgical procedure” (AVMA).


Also, the Breed Standard per the ASDR website ALLOWS the natural, long tails (undocked) due to docking being illegal outside of the U.S & because they recognize personal preference.


The AVMA provides AMPLE References in Each link & we Encourage people to visit those references & research on their own 💕

* Please see attached website for a description of the breed standard from the Official American Stock Dog Registry Website:

  We believe Your family would get an excellent Experience & Puppy (or adult dog) by choosing Lucky Little Aussies LLC as Your New Pet's Breeder.


  We follow a strict code of ethics & stand behind Our dogs & program 100%.  We use the standards set for the breed (Drive, Temperament, Intelligence, Genetics & Colors) as strong guidelines & new Research & Genetic discoveries to expand and improve the breed.


  We strive to Exceed the standards set for the breed through our breeding program.

Below is a General Size Chart for Australian Shepherds:

Toy Aussie: 10”-14” 15-25 lbs


Miniature Aussie: 14”-18” 25-40 lbs


Standard Aussie: 18"+ & 35+ lbs

How Do We Determine Our Prices?

We try to keep our prices as low as possible given all the costs and work that goes into our puppies and our dogs.

Our Pricing accounts for:

  Food, Puppy Formula, Vitamins, pH Balanced Shampoo, Veterinarian Costs, Dewormers, Vaccines, Multiple Cubes of Shavings/Litter for Training (per Litter), Multiple Bottles of Bleach & Chlorhexidine Cleaners for proper cleaning (per Litter), Puppy Go-Home Toys & Toys Per Litter, Lupine Leash/Collar Set, Puppy Microchip (Free Lifetime Registration), Puppy Training Course, Go-Home Pack (Training E-Books & More), Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Extensive Socialization, Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing, All the Genetic Testing for Each Parent, OFA Hips, Elbows & Patellas X-Rays, Exams & Fees for Each Parent, OFA CAER for Each Parent, Our Time (40-80 Hours EVERY WEEK for EIGHT WEEKS) & MORE.


I, also, would like to point out, many cheaper puppies are not guaranteed, may have costly medical issues throughout life, may have serious or life threatening genetic diseases, may not have an ideal drive &/or temperament (some people breed aggressive dogs and that cannot be seen in puppies right away), improper conformation (leading to other issues like hip dysplasia) & much more wrong with them because of improper breeding. 😔


L.L.A breeds quality pups that have generations of proper conformation, good mental health & properly paired ancestry (as well as properly paired now) based on Genetics, Energy, Drive Levels, Temperament, Colors & More.

L.L.A Guarantees NO Puppy is sold with serious medical issues (any genetic issues/diseases or birth defects), & Our pups are fully vetted.

IF an issue Ever arises that is from Genetics or is Congenital we stand behind Our Puppies & Program 100% and are Always Fair. 🥰

We Guarantee for LIFE* that Every Puppy Will be CLEAR of Everything Their PARENTS are CLEAR of!


  All L.L.A Puppies are Properly Socialized & Matched with their New Families based on Temperament, Energy Level, Volhard Aptitude Scores, Desired Color & More 🥰😊

We, also, offer our Puppy Buyers Lifetime Breeder Support & Customer Service!

*Please See the Puppy Contract for more details 💕😊*



We (Lucky Little Aussies) are Confident in the Energy Level Assessment, Drive Levels Assessment & Personality Assessment of Our Puppies.

Here is L.L.A's Daily Energy Log Breakdown to help customers Evaluate Energy Level Assessments:

LOW Energy - 10-20% Active & 80-90% Relaxed/Observant

LOW-MEDIUM Energy - 30-40% Active & 60-70% Relaxed/Observant

MEDIUM Energy - 50-60% Active & 40-50% Relaxed/Observant

MEDIUM-HIGH Energy - 70-80% Active & 20-30% Relaxed/Observant

HIGH Energy - 90-100% Active & 0-10% Relaxed/Observant

* Active
= Pacing/Squirming/Chewing/Busy/Not settled/Pawing/Jumping/Whining

* Relaxed/Observant
= Sleeping/Laying down without fidgeting/Calm/Disengaged during Some Playtime/Patient/Quiet

** You Can have a Whiny dog that is Lower energy!
Whininess or Clinginess can be due to Personality OR Drive Level and the Breeder Should be Able to Distinguish Between the Two and Clearly Describe the Energy Level & Personality of Each Puppy in Their Own Professional Opinion.

Personality IS Important and Can/May vary within Any Energy Level Category!

Be sure to ask about personalities & energy levels Before choosing a puppy!

We Highly Recommend reading up on Puppy Energy, Drive & Temperaments to Help determine what You & Your Family Wants/Needs ❤️: