About Our Family:  WHY we Breed Dogs

Lucky Little Aussies is a Journey Founded by Two People’s Love for Dogs & Family ❤️...


My Husband, Johnny, and I met on my eighteenth birthday at my first “party” I had ever attended...

- Some of you already know I had Dogs my Whole Life, was homeschooled my whole life and at times socially awkward, haha. And my husband, also, had Dogs his whole life. -

... Johnny happened to live at the house where the party was & he had a puppy. Safe to assume I chose to spend All of my time with the puppy, so Johnny and I really bonded.
Tragedy struck soon after, as a few weeks later, his neighbor’s dog broke through the fence while he was at work and killed his puppy 💔

Fast Forward to 1 Year later when we decided it was time for another dog that was Ours.

My husband really wanted a Pitbull again, like his puppy he had lost, and we were actually approached by one of my parent’s neighbors who said he was a “Breeder” & had an available Pitbull puppy.
This neighbor was/is a Backyard Breeder (BYB). He did NOT do Any Genetic Testing, NO Contract, NO Health Guarantees, did Not show us where or how he kept the puppies, did Not provide any vaccines or regular dewormings, NO Vet Check record, we could not even meet the parents because they were aggressive towards strangers “BECAUSE OF THEIR PUPPIES” and the puppy was Not in the best health.
We did Not think anything about any of this Because we did Not know any better and because $400 for a supposedly Papered “Blue Nose” Pitbull seemed fair. Plus, they are my parents neighbors so why would they do anything untrustworthy to their neighbors family??...

- As a Breeder Now and Knowing all I do thanks to Research & Experience, this is NOT how Responsible Breeders behave & Dog’s Can be aggressive with strangers Because of their puppies BUT when the Puppies are away the Adults Should NOT be Aggressive! Aggression Can be Genetic! -

... Unfortunately, with our little Pitbull puppy, the aggression Was genetic & he showed signs of aggression very early on. He was always overly rough, it was clearly not play biting or play growling for him, and even with correcting & socialization he was really ... Mean.
We had him on a Puppy Plan with a Licensed Veterinarian and even the Vet commented on the puppies behavior and asked if he had been mistreated by anyone. We truly tried to work with him but it was not improving & Unprovoked he bit one of my family members who was visiting, and drew blood. As a young couple it was too much for us to handle so we found him a home who was willing to manage and correct his aggression; we hope, we didn’t know much about dog fighting or bait dogs or anything really so did not even consider investigating families 💔

Fast Forward, Again, to another Year later my husband and I were wanting a dog so we got a German Shepherd from another “Breeder” who we found online 1 town over (Modesto) and at the time our Budget was really a Priority.

That “Breeder” turned out to be Another BYB and our New German Shepherd Puppy had so many problems from Medical issues to poor Temperament and a non-ideal Drive level all do to Improper Pairings, Poor Genetics and Improper Care in the First 8 Weeks of her life.
The married couple did NOT do Any Genetic Testing, NO Contract, NO Health Guarantees, did Not show us where or how they kept the puppies, did Not provide any vaccines or regular dewormings, NO Vet Check record and AGAIN, we could not even meet the parents because they were aggressive towards strangers “BECAUSE OF THEIR PUPPIES”! At this point, we truly felt like these were the Norms for getting a puppy from a Breeder.

Our German Shepherd Puppy was put on a Puppy Plan right away & it was pointed out to us that she had a severe umbilical hernia that Had to be corrected because of its size and that the Breeder should have notified us of this issue and it would have been impossible to miss at the puppies litter exam...Ultimately, the total medical issues she had cost us a few thousand dollars but she was going to live! Now, her Temperament and her being an escape artist led to her passing away young at 3 years of age 💔

BY THIS POINT, we Feel Really Unlucky & Scared to get another dog. It felt like one trauma after another and one unhealthy, poorly bred dog after another.

THIS TIME we picked a Breed (Miniature Australian Shepherds) that we felt would Fit with Our Family & we tried our BEST to Choose a “Reputable Breeder”!

We made sure to choose a Breeder who did: Genetic Testing for the Breed, Had a the Litter Examined by a Vet, Dewormed properly, Had a Genetic Guarantee, Let us visit their home and meet the Dad of the dog and another one of their dogs.

This Breeder did not make sure to educate us on Aussies and their Drive Levels. THIS does Not make her a BYB by any means. We just wish the Breeder would have Guided US & we would have known more about the Variety of Drive Levels with Aussies. We Wish we were Informed that the Puppy we Chose was actually HIGH Drive Before we brought him home at 8 weeks old. For those of you New to the Breed or Unsure about Drive Levels, HIGH Drive does NOT fit the lifestyle of a young Family (with kids) with a suburban backyard. 💔

So, after a Year of struggling, Seeing a Behavioral Trainer, Feeling like Failures and Lots of things destroyed by our Beloved Aussie, we Decided to find him a home that Could keep up with his Energy NEEDS. We placed him in a home that Hikes MILES a Day and was excited to have a High Drive dog to hike with & be friends with their active German Shepherd! We get updates and miss him dearly but LOVE seeing him Matched PROPERLY with his New Family ❤️

The BEGINNING of Lucky Little Aussies:

AFTER ALL of Our TERRIBLE Experiences:
-With BYB’s ("Backyard Breeders")
- Unknowledgeable/Uncaring “Reputable” Breeders
- All of Our Heartache & Our Kids Sadness over lost & rehomed pets

A LIFE-CHANGING IDEA came to My Husband & I!

Between my husband’s Love for Dogs & his desire to have multiple dogs (a Dog Squad) and my Love of Learning/Researching & my Own Love for Dogs...

... We Decided we wanted to Give the World & Our Community the OPPORTUNITY to be able to Choose a Breeder that prides themselves on Family, Love, Health, Education, Socialization and Quality of Life for their Dogs. A Breeder who Truly Loves their Dogs & what they do & whose Main Priority is the dogs, their family and their New Puppy Families.

We Want Everyone to Have an Opportunity to get a Puppy that IS & Includes:

Bred Properly with Drive Levels, Temperaments, Genetic Testing Results, Lineage, SizeConformation & MORE ALL Considered & Evaluated Before Breeding!


• Extensively Socialized & Properly Cared for; Stimulated the Whole 8-10 Weeks of Their Life BEFORE going to their New Homes.

Puppies are handled Multiple Times a Day!
They have a Pool to Play in While Supervised & a Sandbox!
We play with/rub their feet, tails, teeth (regularly check their mouths) & roll them over and rub their tummies!
All to get them used to being handled & checked on a regular basis.

ALL Puppies Go on WALKS in a Stroller for Safe Socialization in the Neighborhood/the Mall/Schools/Church/etc.

Socialized (Similar to Puppy Culture) with Kids, Our other Dogs, Loud Noises, Fast Movements, Grass, Water & Sand (in our yard or home), Squeaky & Regular Toys & MUCH MORE to START Socialization!

• Sound Desensitization! We expose the Puppies to (Appropriately) Loud Sounds Daily!

Sounds Like: Fireworks, Leaf Blowers, Vehicles, Hair Dryers, Blender, Music, Emergency Sounds, Farm Sounds, Military/Weapon Sounds & MUCH More to START Socialization & Desensitization!

• Veterinarian Exam: Includes Litter Exam Report & Proof of Health!

• Registered & Purebred Parentage!
PROOF of Sire & Dam Official ASDR Registration Papers are in Their Individual Dropbox Folders for Review.
Registration Papers for Show and/or Breeding MUST be Purchased at an Additional Cost.


• Age Appropriate Shots 
(Neopar Vaccine @ 6-7 Weeks & Nobivac Multi-way vaccine @ 8-9 Weeks)

• Each L.L.A & S.A.S Puppy Goes Home Microchipped!

(With FREE Lifetime Registration & Updates)
Microchip Registration & Special Offer: 

• Not Chosen Until 7+ Weeks of Age;
Giving the Breeder & Prospective Owners the Ability to be Fully Aware of the Puppy’s Energy Level, Preliminary Drive Levels 
& Base Personality Description.

• Dew Claws & Tails are INTACT
(Research can be provided showing Dogs Need these body parts)

• Congenital Defect Guarantee*

• LIFETIME Genetic Health Guarantee*

• Going to have better chances of being a High Achiever by Undergoing Early Neurological Stimulation and Having Improved Cardio Vascular Performance, Strengthened Heart Beats & Adrenal Glands, Provided More Tolerance to Stress and a Greater Resistance to Disease because of this!


• Individually Tested using Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing as a TOOL to Help in Matching Puppies with their Forever Homes.

• Group Crate Trained at Night!

(Starting at 5-6 Weeks of Age)

• Fed a Quality Diet & Receives Additional Support from Foster Care Formula & then from NuVet Plus Vitamin Powder!

• Bathed at Bi-weekly (Only using PH Balanced NuVet Shampoo!) & Blow Dried!

and/or Wiped down Frequently using Chlorhexidine Cleaner to keep Pups Healthy & Clean.

Dewormed Every 2 Weeks After Birth, Until Pick-up.


Nails are Trimmed 1-4x Before going home! 


Teeth & Paw Pads are Rubbed Regularly to get puppies used to teeth brushings and nail trimmings Before going home!

• Litter Box Trained
Using Horse Bedding Pellets or Pine Shavings, more details on Potty Training Transitioning is Available in the Puppy Packet; 
we Send Home a Potty Training E-Book from Training Professionals!

• Sent Home with a LupinePet Collar & Leash SET
(You Choose your gender neutral style @ 4-6 Weeks of age or from New Items In-Stock upon Pick-up or Delivery*)!

• Sent Home with an Amazing Training Course & Training E-Books (to help each Family learn basic training to have the Best puppy they can)!


• Sent Home with a Kuranda Dog Bed!
$70+ Value that Includes a 1 YEAR Chew-Proof Warranty!

• Sent Home with TWO (2) Kong, GoDog or OTHER Brand Name Quality Puppy Toys!
--> More Toys & Options Are Available for Purchase Upon Puppy Pick-Up as well! 


• Sent Home with THREE (3) Days/Tablets of NuVet Vitamin Samples!

• Sent Home with a Lucky Little Aussies Bandana
IF In-Stock; If Not in-Stock, an Additional Toy will be Included Instead
(Can use this for the Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Mixture!)

• Sent Home with 30 Days of Pet Insurance through Trupanion*!
*Trupanion Offer & Code is Inside the Puppy Packet Dropbox Link; You Must Choose to Activate It WITHIN 24 Hours of Pick-Up!

• Sent Home with a Baggie of Food

To Easily Transition, in case you switch foods; Not Advised to switch Foods for 2+ Months!

• Sent Home with a Baggie of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 
Used for external flea/tick repellent for beach/hiking/camping/etc. or for internal parasites or for bedding/furniture in new home.

Puppy Packet - Canine Care Information: Covering Topics from - Food, Water, Treats, Vitamins, Toys, Parasites, Flea/Tick Repellent, Crate Training Tips, Potty Training Tips, Spay/Neuter Info & Advice, Socialization Bingo, a Petting Chart, WSAVA Forms/Links/Recommendations, NuVet Charts, Safe & Unsafe Foods/Plants/Essential Oils, Medications that Should Never be given to Aussies (especially MDR1 pups), a Socialization List from a Behavioral Trainer of what to expose puppies to Before 16 Weeks Old (can carry pup or have in carrier for some outdoor experiences), Recommended Apps and MORE!!

On Top of the Information Packed Email, Puppy goes home with: Parent Dropbox Links Posted Bi-Weekly with Litter Updates (which contain Genetic Testing Results, Parent Registration, Photos, etc. -- Please, Copy & Save from Facebook or Instagram or Request Copy/Link),  Veterinarian Certification of Health, Example Schedules, Training E-Books,  Medical Records, Volhard Testing Results, Vitamin Samples, Leash & Collar Set, Toys & Lots of Socialization & LOVE.

Covered by a Contract;
which provides Contractual Comfort in any instance a puppy wasn’t/isn’t how L.L.A or S.A.S Guarantee!

Supported for LIFE!!
Anything, Anytime we want to be there to help out Aussie Parents and provide Education whenever we can! 

Our Goal is to breed Amazing, Quality, Family dogs.  

We breed Dogs that are Genetically & Intellectually sound.  


We breed with HEART; Breeding for Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility & Tradition for our Dogs and their New Families is Top Priority for L.L.A! That way you will have a smart, healthy companion that you can, also, work or show! 

We love our dogs & simply want to give Them & You the Best that We Can. 💕

We do Not want Anyone to go through All of the things we did. 😔

We want Everyone to be able to Avoid All of the Heartache, Financial Stress, Lack of Support, Lack of Education and being paired Improperly with a Puppy that does Not fit their Lifestyle.

We want Everyone to Feel LUCKY to get a Puppy & for US to be Able to Provide THIS to Families Near or Far is Such a BLESSING!


We ARE Lucky Little Aussies ❤️

Here is a Post we made with some Cute Photos and MORE on Why we Chose to Become Breeders: ❤️



We are Big on Family. We Always Prioritize Our Family & Fur-kids. The Mental & Physical Health and Quality of Life for Everyone (Including Our Pets) comes FIRST.  

We, ALSO, have WEIRD HOURS as Sometimes we pull 24 HOUR SHIFTS! 🙈 We do our BEST to make time for Everyone Else When We Can 💕

We Homeschool our Kids, Train our Dogs, Work with & Socialize Puppies, Complete Daily Chores, have Family Time & other Obligations.  
Although, we cannot be available at all times... we ARE here for all Aussie Pet Parents & try to be as Responsive as Possible within reason! 

NO Family is Ever an 
inconvenience or a bother & NO Questions are "Dumb", we Value You all and Your Thoughts & Concerns!! 

Sometimes we are just busy or have a lot of emails/messages/comments to reply to and will respond ASAP; if we do not reply AFTER ONE WEEK, Please, RE-SEND Your Message as it MIGHT have gotten Buried or Accidentally marked as "READ" and, subsequently, Missed.

Feel free to Email L.L.A ANYTIME & we Will Respond ASAP But Monday-Friday we will Respond Quicker.

We do Our Best to be Available for Phone Calls but are Not Always Available to Talk on the Phone as Our Hands-On Work Hours Vary & are Often Extended into the Night.


Monday-Friday: HOURS VARY

Saturday: OPEN for Pick-Up OR Meet & Greet's ONLY


We are Always Here to Answer Questions or Ease Any Concerns!

THANK YOU ALL for Your Support & Patience! EVERY Person/Family, Potential Pet Parents & Existing Pet Parents ARE Valued & Important! 🥰


We will Assist You As Soon As Possible;

In the Meantime, PLEASE, Review Our Website (Especially Our Entire Home Page, "Our Process", "Genetic Testing & Guarantees", "NuVet Vitamins & Products" & "APPLY, Get Notified & Our Contract" PAGES) for Important & Useful Information to Aid You in Your Search for an Australian Shepherd Puppy of Any Size!  Also, Check out Our FACEBOOK PAGE OR INSTAGRAM PAGE to Watch Our Past or Upcoming Videos! 😘


The People

Ashley & Johnny

CONTACT Lucky Little Aussies/L.L.A:

Please, Feel Free to E-Mail or Schedule a Call with Any Questions or Concerns About our Puppy Contract!

AFTER Reviewing our Website & Getting General Pricing

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