Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is a Mini/Toy Aussie Right for You?

Brief Overview of the Breed:

Australian Shepherds have it ALL; Aussies have Intelligence, Athleticism, Good Looks (Color Variations for Coat & Eye Color), Incredible Personalities, Varying Energy Levels && OVERALL, are a Great breed for the WHOLE family!

There are Calm Ones, Energetic Ones, Blue Ones, Red Ones, Black Ones, Little Ones, Medium Ones, Big Ones, Fluffy Ones (Show Coats), Not So Fluffy Ones (Working Coats), etc.  We believe this is the best breed because the Variety is so vast that its Almost impossible to not find what you are looking for! 


Despite being an Amazing breed it is still best to LEARN about the breed & be Positive an Australian Shepherd is for You!


The Mini/Toy Australian Shepherd is just like the standard size of this breed but in an adorable, Compact package.

Mini Aussies are extremely smart & love the opportunity to be a Working part of the household.  They can be trained to do many tasks, such as being a running or hiking companion, helping with laundry, cleaning up toys, opening doors, turning on/off lights, doing yoga with you, being emotional support dogs & so much MORE!


They are high-spirited, strong, determined dogs with average exercise requirements. They are eager and often tenacious players of more intensive activities, like jogging or hiking.

Overall, these dogs can adapt pretty well to living in small dwellings (like a trailer or an apartment) as long as their exercise needs are met both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY (ex. Daily walk/jog, Plus mind stimulation through tasks or games).


**Keep in mind, that Boredom is the MAIN reason for Several unwanted behavioral patterns (ex. destructiveness, hyperactivity, unreasonable barking).​ So, getting a dog that has a Higher Drive than You & Your Family can Maintain WILL lead to Issues.

That being said, as You look for a puppy/dog I Strongly Recommend asking every breeder About Each Puppy’s DRIVE level (“energy level”) and their TEMPERAMENT (“personality”) because Overall, Personality & Energy Levels will impact your Life more than the way they look.

You grow to love any of them (usually before you even get them lol) but when their Personality & their Energy Level Matches yours & your family’s it’s just Perfect!!


I personally wish the breeders I spoke with, when I first started, Guided me a bit as far as Each Puppy’s Drive when I was looking because I would have chosen differently for MY family & Our LIFESTYLE.


It makes it hard when you aren’t as active as your dog wants to be Or when you are More active than your dog wants to be.


...Again, Boredom easily occurs in higher drive dogs who are Not being Stimulated Mentally & Physically to the Extent they Need & it is the Main reason for destructive & unwanted behavior. 


We don’t want you to feel like we are telling you to disregard what you are looking for!..


...We just want you to find it & More!

2) What is L.L.A's Puppy Choosing Process?


We will have the 1st PUPPY MEET & GREET (Based on Our Schedule) & let everyone know how We THINK each one Seems to be Drive & Temperament wise & You can get an idea of which puppies You are leaning towards 🥰
* You Can Tentatively pick a puppy @ this Stage but PLEASE Keep in Mind, they DO Change A LOT Until 7+ Weeks Old!
Tell me which Pup(s) you like most, & based on Your Reservation Number, I will put your name down for That/Those Pup(s). 🥰

** DUE to the HOLIDAYS (Between OCTOBER - JANUARY) we will NOT have a 4-6 Week Old, IN-PERSON, Meet & Greet during Those SEASONS.

HOWEVER, L.L.A WILL do a LIVE VIDEO with LIVE COMMENTARY during those seasons In Place Of that 1st Meet & Greet (L.LA will give a Minimum 48 Hour Heads-Up)!

At 4-6 Weeks Old Puppies spend 2-4 Hours a Day Outside for Supervised Play & Stimulation!



SEVEN-TEN WEEKS OLD is the STAGE You Can OFFICIALLY Choose Your Puppy AND His/Her Matching LupinePet Collar & Leash SET!!

We pay a Professional Pet Trainer to perform the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test ON DAY 49 @ 7 Weeks Old (Or As Close As Possible to Ensure True Reactions are Not Tainted by Learning).  We will reveal Individual Results ASAP to Help you make an INFORMED Choice when choosing your New Companion for the Next EIGHT to FIFTEEN (8-15) YEARS.

At this Stage we can Share Our Opinions on Individual Drive Levels & Personality. Deposits can then be placed (via Cash, Apple Pay, Zelle or Walmart to Walmart) Based on Volhard Aptitude Test Results, OUR Assessment of Drive & Personality and the Optional IN-PERSON COMPATIBILITY Discovered from the 1st meet & Greet.  

* Customers do NOT Have to attend the Puppy Meet & Greet.  It is simply an Opportunity!  We DO Offer Live Video & will send Current or 7 Week Old Photos/a Video, Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing Results & Our Assessment of Individual Puppies. 

The 1st & 2nd "Puppy Meet & Greet" is an OPPORTUNITY for everyone to see, in-person, who fits Best with each family but it is NOT a Requirement (People will Have priority based on Their Reservation Number, ex. F19A/G/R/A_6) & are Not Required to choose Until 48 HOURS After Volhard Results are in & Sent).


** Everyone can come & see All of them & have the option to choose from any Available Puppies BASED ON THEIR RESERVATION NUMBER.  So, if you are 1st you get to choose from them All and if you are 3rd you will have 2 people choosing Before you 😊

We will have a Puppy Pick-Up Day (Based on Our Schedule) BETWEEN Eight to Ten (8-10) WEEKS OLD. Where Everyone can come to PICK-UP their New Puppy, Meet the Parents or US & even Meet the Siblings Families. * Puppies CANNOT Leave until EIGHT (8) Weeks of Age, per California LAW. 🥰

At 6-10 Weeks Old Puppies spend 3-5 Hours a Day Outside for Supervised Play & Stimulation!

3) Our Process & What to Expect

For EACH Puppy, in EACH Litter, we start Socialization from DAY ONE(1).
We, ALSO, do Early Neurological Stimulation to Develop High Achieving Puppies (IN Accordance With Carmen L. Battaglia's work). 


Puppies Receive:

Bi-Weekly Deworming, a NeoPar Vaccine @ 6 Weeks of age, Seen by a Licensed Veterinarian & Certified Healthy Between 7-8 Weeks of age, an Individual Microchip (with FREE Lifetime Registration & Updates Through "Found Animals Registry"), a Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv Multi-way Vaccine @ 8 Weeks of age, Nails are trimmed 1-2x before leaving, Bathed & Blow Dried 1-2x before leaving & are Rubbed down with FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas/Ticks 1-2x before leaving.


What we DO with ALL of the Puppies: 

We perform/do ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), Extensive SocializationSound DesensitizationVolhard Aptitude TestingGroup Crate TrainLitter Box Train AND Start teaching Bite Aversion/Bite Inhibition (with mouthy pups).

EACH Puppy, from EACH Litter, IS Tested using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (Developed by Wendy & Jack Volhard) ON DAY 49 @ 7 Weeks Old (Or As Close As Possible to Ensure True Reactions are Not tainted by Learning) by a Professional Pet Trainer!


We now have a €œNotification List NOT a waitlist.

We will Notify everyone TWO (2) TIMES! We will POST to Facebook & Notify People through Email (IF you filled out the Notification List/Previously a Waitlist Form).


We will send Notifications @ These Times:
1) SEASONAL NEWSLETTER (Ex. Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 or Winter 2019)

2) 3-14 DAYS Before a litter is Born
3) Once the litter is 4-5 Weeks Old

Once those Notifications have been sent, UNLESS you are Already in Contact with me Right Before the Litter is BORN & I Give You a Reservation Number, it will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED (to APPROVED HOMES) ... You MUST Place a Deposit to Receive a RESERVATION NUMBER for That SEASON (Ex. Fall 2019) or Specific Litters You are Interested in.

It is the Responsibility of the Interested Parties to be Responsive & Express Their CURRENT Interest @ the FIRST SEASONAL NOTIFICATION!  Deposits are Non-Refundable BUT they are Transferable within Our Program.  If You do Not get a Puppy from 1 litter, depending on Your Reservation Number, you Will have the option to Move Your Interest to Another Litter that SEASON or Move Higher Up the List for Next Season. 

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to Respond & the Longer You take to Respond the LOWER Down the List You Will Be.  Example, 5th person to Respond will be 5th in line for that SEASON but the 30th person to Respond will be 30th in line for that SEASON. 

* Interest Changes Constantly & People Frequently Switch to Different Litters or Seasons, so even IF you are 30th there is Still Some Chance you could choose a Puppy from 1 or 2 of the Litters that Season!

** Sometimes a Couple Individual Puppies DO Become Available at the 7-8 Week Mark due to Imperfect Matches with Current Reservation Number Candidates.

We NO Longer reserve spots UNTIL the FIRST SEASONAL NOTIFICATIONS are Sent Out & YOU PLACE A DEPOSIT to let us know You are STILL interested.  IF You do Not Respond You will CONTINUE to be Notified About ALL Future Litters. 

* IF You would like to be Removed from our List, Please, Email US & Request to be Removed.

* People who Notify Me of Their Interest WHEN the First Seasonal Notification goes out & PLACE A DEPOSIT will get a RESERVATION NUMBER within 72 Hours for ALL LITTERS THIS SEASON (Ex. Fall 2019) & Based on Their Number, can Choose a Puppy @ 7 weeks old when the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing is Completed!


Many People have proven to be unreliable & change their minds frequently; Causing me to have Less time with my puppies, my dogs & my Family. Now, to Receive a Reservation Number You Must place a Deposit.  Deposits can be placed (via Cash, Apple Pay, Zelle or Walmart to Walmart).  This Deposit will Guarantee You a Spot for the Litters this Season Based on Your Interest & Reservation Number.  Deposits are TRANSFERABLE within L.L.A's Program but are Non-refundable.


I have realized it is better to have a Notification List than a Waitlist. The people who are Truly interested & Ready for a new family member are More Proactive about getting a puppy & are More responsive. 


So, again, I will email Everyone on the List (Old & New), including YOU, for the:

1) SEASONAL NEWSLETTER (Ex. Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 or Winter 2019)

2) 3-14 DAYS Before a litter is Born

3) Once the litter is 4-5 Weeks Old


YES, you Will Need to reply to at LEAST ONE (1) of those Notifications & PLACE a DEPOSIT to get a Spot for That Upcoming or Current Litters!!


If you do Not, then you Can message me a while after they are born But you Risk being lower on the list or Not getting a spot.


Plus, it gives Everyone a Fair chance.

For Example, instead of being stuck 9th Just because of a DAY & TIME you got on the waitlist, now you have a chance of being 1st because you can be More Proactive & contact me right when I send out Notifications!


So, it leaves Your Placement up to You & how Proactive You want to be!

We UNDERSTAND Waiting for Your New Family Member IS Tough!

We try to be as FAIR as Possible & Hope Everyone Understands we do our Very Best to Match Families with a puppy that will suite Their Lifestyle & Personalities in the Timeframe they Desire.

However, this Process DOES take Time BECAUSE 10-15 YEARS is a Huge Commitment & just choosing a Puppy based on Looks or on Impulse can Result in Unfavorable situations & even Re-homing.  

We here at L.L.A are with You All Every step of the way for Any Aussie Questions or Concerns You have & to Match you with a True Companion. Let's take this journey Together!


I hope that makes sense to everyone, feel free to ask me to Try to clarify if it doesn't.




4) How Do We Determine Prices & What is Included with Each Puppy??

How Do We Determine Our Prices?


We try to keep our prices as low as possible given all the costs and work that goes into our puppies and our dogs.
We have to account for all the genetic testing, Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing (We have to pay a Professional Pet Trainer to perform this test Individually on Every Puppy because puppies cannot know that person), Early neurological stimulation, extra socializing, food, vet costs, toys, Lupine Leash/Collar Set, Microchip for puppies, Go-Home Pack, our time (40-80 Hours EVERY WEEK for EIGHT WEEKS) & More.


We breed quality pups that have generations of proper conformation, good mental health & properly paired ancestry (as well as properly paired now) based on genetics, drive, temperament & colors.

We Guarantee NO Puppy is sold with serious medical issues (any genetic issues/diseases or birth defects), & Our pups are fully vetted. IF an issue Ever arises that is Genetic or Congenital we stand behind Our Puppies & Program 100% and are Always Fair. 


I, also, would like to point out, many cheaper puppies are not guaranteed, may have costly medical issues, may have serious or life threatening genetic diseases, may not have an ideal drive & temperament (some people breed aggressive dogs and that cannot be seen in puppies right away), improper conformation (leading to other issues like hip dysplasia) & much more wrong with them because of improper breeding. 😔


We Guarantee for LIFE* that NO Puppy will be impacted by ANY of the 10 Genetic Diseases that are Known to Impact Aussies & they Will be CLEAR of Everything Their PARENTS are CLEAR of!  Every L.L.A Puppy will be properly socialized and matched with their families based on Temperament, Drive & Aptitude Scores!


We, also, offer our Puppy Buyers Lifetime Breeder Support & Customer Service!

General Pet Prices are as follows (Breeding Rights are Extra):

$1,800 Black or Red Bi’s or Tri’s

$2,000 for Blue or Green Eyed Bi’s or Tri’s

$2,100 for Red or Blue Merle’s (Merle/White/Copper)

$2,500 for Red or Blue Harlequin Merle’s

$2,500 for Red or Blue Bi Merle’s (No Copper)

* Prices are subject to change & May be less or more depending on Individual puppy. This Cost Includes the Deposit.

This Price INCLUDES: 


Bred Properly with Drive Levels, Temperaments, Genetic Testing Results, Lineage, Size & Conformation ALL Considered & Evaluated Before Breeding!

Extensively Socialized & Properly Cared for; Stimulated the Whole 8-10 Weeks of Their Life BEFORE going to their New Homes. Puppies are handled Multiple Times a Day! They have a Pool & Sandbox to Play in While Supervised!  We play with/rub their feet, tails, regularly check their mouths & roll them over and rub their tummies! All to get them used to being handled & checked on a regular basis 💕
Socialized (Similar to Puppy Culture) with Kids, Our other Dogs, Loud Noises, Fast Movements, Grass, Water & Sand (in my yard), Squeaky & Regular Toys & MUCH More to help Start Socialization! 💕


Sound Desensitization! We expose the Puppies to Appropriately Loud Sounds Daily! Sounds Like, Leaf Blowers, Hair Dryers, Blender, Music, Emergency Sounds, Farm Sounds, Military/Weapon Sounds & MUCH More to help Start Socialization! 💕

OFFICIAL ASDR Limited Registration Papers (*you can still Show just No Breeding at all with Limited Registration)

LIFETIME Genetic Health Guarantee*

Congenital Defect Guarantee*

Age Appropriate Shots (Neopar Vaccine @ 6 Weeks & Nobivac Multi-way vaccine @ 8 Weeks)

Dewormed Every 2 Weeks After Birth, Until Pick-up.

Vet Checked & Certified Healthy

Each L.L.A Puppy Goes Home Microchipped! (With FREE Lifetime Registration & Updates)

Tested by a Professional Pet Trainer using Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing to aid in Properly Matching Puppies with their Forever Homes.

Not Chosen Until 7 Weeks of Age, so Breeder & Prospective Owner could be Fully Aware of the Puppy’s Energy Level (Drive Level) & Personality (Temperament).

Dew Claws & Tails are INTACT (plenty of Research to show the Dogs Need these body parts)

Group Crate Trained!

• Sent Home with a LupinePet Collar & Leash SET (You Choose your style)!

• Sent Home with some KONG, Nylabone &/or OTHER Puppy Toys (+ You Choose)!

• Sent Home with 3 Tablets of NuVet Vitamin Samples!

Nails are trimmed 1-2 Times!

Litter Box Trained (using horse bedding pellets, ask for more details on Potty Training Transitioning)

Covered by a Contract; which provides Contractual Comfort in any instance a puppy wasn’t/isn’t how we Guarantee!

• Going to have better chances of being a High Achiever by Undergoing Early Neurological Stimulation and Having Improved Cardio Vascular Performance, Strengthened Heart Beats & Adrenal Glands, Provided More Tolerance to Stress and a Greater Resistance to Disease because of this!

Fed a Quality Diet & Receives Additional Support from Foster Care Formula & then from NuVet Vitamins.

• Sent Home with a Baggie of Food to Easily Transition (in case you switch foods)

• Sent Home with a Baggie of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (for external flea/tick repellent for beach/hiking/camping/etc. or for internal parasites or for bedding/furniture in new home)

Puppy Packet - Canine Care Information Email: Covering Topics from - Food, Water, Treats, Vitamins, Toys, Parasites, Flea/Tick Repellent, Crate Training Tips, Potty Training Tips, Spay/Neuter Info & Advice, Socialization Bingo, a Petting Chart, WSAVA Forms/Links/Recommendations, NuVet Charts, Safe & Unsafe Foods/Plants/Essential Oils, Medications that Should Never be given to Aussies (especially MDR1 pups), a Socialization List from a Behavioral Trainer of what to expose puppies to Before 16 Weeks Old (can carry pup or have in carrier for some outdoor experiences), Recommended Apps and MORE!!

On Top of the Information Packed Email, Puppy goes home with: Parent Genetic Testing Results, Veterinarian Certification of Health, Health Record, ASDR Registration, Volhard Testing Results, Vitamin Samples, Leash & Collar Set, Toys & Lots of Socialization & LOVE.

Supported for LIFE!! Anything, Anytime we want to be there to help out Aussie Parents and provide Education whenever we can!

*Please See Website & Puppy Contract for more details 💕😊*

We put A Lot of Time & Effort into our puppies. They are quality, family dogs that can be shown or bred (*Can be bred if not mismarked and if breeding rights are purchased).



Ashley @ LuckyLittleAussies

5) Customer Service Hours & Information??

We are Big on Family. We Always Prioritize Our Family & fur-kids. We make time for Everyone Else When We Can.

We Homeschool our Kids, Train our Dogs, Have Daily Chores, Family Time & other Obligations.  Although, we cannot be available at all times... we ARE here for all Aussie Pet Parents & try to be as Responsive as Possible!  

Feel free to Email L.L.A ANYTIME & we Will Respond ASAP But During Customer Service Hours we will Respond Quicker & are Available for Phone Calls & here to Answer Questions or Ease Any Concerns. 🥰 


Monday-Friday 8-10 AM & 3-5 PM

Saturday-Sunday 10 AM-6 PM

6) Looking for a Stud?

General Questions & Information for Using a Stud from L.L.A: 


1) Where are you Located?

2) Is she Registered? If so, what Registry?

3) Has she been Full Panel Genetically tested? If Not, were her Parents?

4) Do you have her Pedigree (so we could ensure there is no blood relations to him)?

5) Has she been bred or Artificially Inseminated Before?

6) Are you willing to get a Brucellosis test done? ( We don’t want to ever put our program at risk...

7) Is she a Tri or a Merle?


8) How Old is She?


If You are Interested & L.L.A Agrees to Offer Stud Services:


  • You are welcome to leave her with us for up to 4 days or come to our location 4 days to attempt ties 1x Each of those 4 Days. We Guarantee 1 tie but Aim for 3+​

  • We take photos of Each tie.

  • Private Indoor & Outdoor Kennel Combo is Provided. * The Indoor section is Appropriately Heated or Cooled based on current weather.

  • Appropriate Sized Canine Cot is Provided In Kennel (Disinfected & Treated with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for any possible Fleas or Ticks 24-48 Hours Before Arrival!).

  • 24/7 Care & Monitoring.

  • No physical contact with other animals. She can Play Along the Fence with the other dogs and kids.

  • Grass, Sand, Water Play Areas provided during the 2 Hour Play Times (2x Daily).

  • Female MUST be Current on Vaccines, Brucellosis Test & have had a Physical Exam within the last 3-6 Months Before Drop-Off.

  • Female is Never left alone with any other animals or children.

  • Female have fresh Food & Water Constantly.

  • Female gets Daily exercise whether it is fetch, walk tug-o-war, interactive Treat Puzzles, can play in Sand Area, Water Area or on the Grass area all WHILE SUPERVISED for 2 Hour Increments 2x Daily.

  • We Request Female’s Own Food Be brought, to Avoid gastrointestinal distress but Especially, if Pet has allergies or dietary restrictions. Otherwise, we will provide food to your Pet for an additional $5 Per Day. * Be sure to state all Specifications upon Drop-off on Sign-In Sheet in “Special Care Comments”.

  • We DO Request Special Toys and/or a Small Blanket with Family Scent to be brought (FOR STUD SERVICES ONLY) IF Female is Boarded by L.L.A. That way she has Familiar Smells & Items to Lessen Stress in Her Space.  
    * We DO offer BRAND NEW Age Appropriate Toys & Bones/Hooves/Pig Ears for Purchase Upon Drop-off for Pet to Use during their Stay & then of course to Take Home!


  • Contracts Must be Signed & Non-Refundable Deposit of $200-$500 Must be Paid Upon Arrival/Drop-Off.

  • Female will be Bathed, Brushed & Blow Dried Upon Arrival/Drop-off & the day of Departure/Pick-up.

  • Female is treated Externally with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Upon Departure/Pick-up.

  • Photos of Female (& ALL Items Brought From Home) will be Taken on at Arrival/Drop-off & Departure/Pick-up; Everything Will Be Signed In & Initialed as well! This Process Ensures Items & Pet are in the Same Condition as Arrival/Drop-off.

  • Female Must be Signed Out & Picked Up by Pet Parents. ❤️

  • REMAINING Amount of Stud Fee is Due Once Female's Puppies are 8-10 weeks old, NO exceptions. Total Stud Fee is $1,500 - $2,000 Depending on Chosen Male.  The Total Stud Fee is Determined by the Regular Price Received for  Lowest Price of ONE Puppy from the Chosen Male).

  • We (L.L.A) MAY, Choose to/Agree to have Pick of the Litter in Place of a Stud Fee. This will be decided when pups are 1-4 Days Old Before Tails & Dew Claws are removed.




Additional Details:

  • A $25 Non-refundable Pet Deposit is Required for All Stud Service Appointments/Reservations/Plans & will be Applied to the Overall Stud Services Fee.

  • A Valid I.D. & Credit Card must be given to keep on file for Liability; The card will remain on file for liability up to 168 Hours/1 Week After Departure/Pick-up. * Personal or Financial Information is Not shared with any 3rd parties.

  • Bordetella, Parvo, Rabies & Kennel Cough Vaccines are Required to be CURRENT/Up-To-Date. Also, a NEGATIVE Brucellosis Test Result Within 14 Days BEFORE Stud Services is Required. These Rules Apply to ALL Females using an L.L.A Stud!

    * Canine Influenza H3N8 & H3N2 Vaccines ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED as well. (


  • Each Additional Walk or Play Session $15.00 Each Female.

  • Special Attentive Care &/or 2 Hours Extra Daily Exercise Time - Additional $10-$20 Per Day (Request Must be Made Upon Arrival/Drop-off).

  • Feeding: A $5 Daily charge will be added to the bill if you do not bring food.

  • Any Emergency Vet Trip will incur a $35 Minimum Charge (All Receipts & Medical Care Information will be provided upon Pick-up IF circumstance Arises).

  • Early drop-off/pick up is an option, Must be Discussed and Planned.

  • We (Lucky Little Aussies) Maintains the Right of Refusal of ANY Animal that Seems Sick or Aggressive. We (L.L.A), also, Maintain the Right of Refusal to any Clients who are Disrespectful, Unkind or Unreasonable.

7) Food, Treats & Water Recommendations:



What food you choose is 100% up to you!


We Choose food based on FDA Approval, WSAVA Recommendations, companies that have not had many or any recalls & we use crude proteins/fats & Ingredient Lists to Help decide as well.


We feed our Adults Purina Pro Plan SPORT All Life Stages. We feed All of the puppies PURINA Pro Plan SPORT All Life Stages (dry dog food) as well!


We feed the puppies 3 times a day (9/10 AM, 2/3 PM & 7/8 PM) using the Purina Sport dry dog food mixed & softened with FOSTER CARE Puppy Formula starting at 3-4 Weeks old!


Then they are on Solid Dry Purina Sport Kibble at 7 weeks old. (*We put food down at Those Times and leave it down for 1 Hour then pick it up until next feeding BUT by 7 weeks it is left down All Night because they have a litter box in their crate!)


Purina Pro Plan SPORT All Life Stages Dog Food We Use (Chewy discounts on Autoship and gets here in 2-4 Days💕)

▶️ ◀️

Helpful Links/Recommendations 😊 


The Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the Internet:


Interpreting Food Labels, North America:


Nutritional Assessment Checklist:


WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee: Recommendations on Selecting Pet Foods:


* Please, try to Find a Veterinarian who understand WSAVA Guidelines & makes Recommendations Specific to Your Pet.


CANINE HEART DISEASE & What to Feed or NOT Feed Your Pets:




Purina is a trusted brand so we recommend their Training Treats:


However, we Mainly use Real meat & other food, like scrambled eggs or Cheddar Cheese, as Treats.  

⚠️ Be sure to check out the Education Tab or Our Dropbox link in the Puppy Packet/Go Home Email for Safe people Food Options & what to Avoid!!


Carrots are great bone substitutes or if you can do so safely Raw bones even chicken feet are Great for teething, Cleaning Teeth & just a tasty treat! ❤️


* The Bacteria from FEEDING RAW stays in their mouth for at least 1 hour after ingesting and can be spread on surfaces to brushing teeth after or letting pup play outside for a bit helps lessen the spread of harmful bacteria.



General Guidelines:

Once your puppy is out of the weaning phase (*7-8 Weeks Old)and cruising toward adulthood, his water needs decrease significantly. The average dog needs between 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight in a given day. If your puppy weighs 20 pounds, for instance, he’d need between 10 and 20 ounces of water for the day to stay hydrated. Most dogs will automatically hydrate to the correct amount, though some may over- or under drink.


Spotting Dehydration:

If a dog doesn’t have enough water to drink, he can quickly become dehydrated. Dehydration is extremely dangerous for your pup and can lead to serious health complications, so it’s important to be certain the dog has access to enough clean water. The easiest way to check for dehydration is to grab the skin on your dog’s neck and stretch it out. If the skin doesn’t snap back into place, your dog could be dealing with dehydration. Always check with a vet if you think your dog is experiencing health problems.


Dealing with Heat:

During the hot months of summer, your dog may have a tendency to overdrink after hanging out outside or completing a walk. In order to prevent bloat and ensure your dog doesn’t drink too much, drop a few ice cubes into his water bowl before filling it up. Licking and chewing the ice cubes will help him cool down, which in turn encourages him to drink less water. If you do take your dog out for walks or vigorous exercise, be sure to bring water to keep him hydrated along the way.”

8) Toy Recommendations:

Age Appropriate toys are essential to socialization & proper puppy development. Puppies have Very fragile & movable teeth so getting Soft rubbers, soft chews, soft toys and overall Age Appropriate toys will prevent a lot of trouble in the long run. While a bone, hoof or even a regular Kong MAY SEEM harmless, they can cause Lifelong Damage to your puppies mouths! 🙁

Any hard toys & Even Seemingly soft toys that are Not AGE APPROPRIATE (Designed For Puppies) Can be a Choking Hazard & Can Ruin Your Puppy's Bite (creating the Potential for Injuries & Difficulties Eating).


We Strongly Recommend:


Any PUPPY Toys, check out & type in “Puppy Toys”:


RAW Bones are OK & are Not damaging like Cooked bones. RAW Chicken Feet are especially good for Cleaning Teeth & Curbing the urge to chew. POULTRY bones are ONLY OK RAW (they do Not Splinter unless Cooked)!

* The Bacteria from FEEDING RAW stays in their mouth for at least 1 hour after ingesting and can be spread on surfaces to brushing teeth after or letting pup play outside for a bit helps lessen the spread of harmful bacteria.


** Please, Never leave Most Toys with your puppy Unsupervised! Some toys are Very durable & as long as checking Daily are fine to leave down But some toys like stuffed animals with Squeakers or balls with felt, etc. Can either Choke your dog OR be Ingested & cause Intestinal Blockage!

9) Bathing Recommendations:

When & HOW OFTEN should you bathe your Canine Friends??

You don’t want to Overdo it but you also don’t want a stinky puppy so...


“Here’s a bathing schedule for you to use as a guide.

* Once a week until three months old

* Once a month until six months old

* Twice a year thereafter or as necessary”