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Your Fur-Kids Deserve the BEST! From Vitamins, Joint Supplements to Ear Cleaner, Pet Spray & Soothing Shampoos... We want You, Your Fur-Kids and Your Wallet Happy, by Getting Quality Products at GREAT Prices that will make a Difference in the Life of Your Pet 💕

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Get Your Dog off to the Very Best Start in Life by Providing Immune Support & Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Bioflavonoids, Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Essential Fatty Acids, etc.

Have an Adult dog? No problem, it is Never too late to give Your Dog the Nutrients He/She Needs! 

Picky Eater? This Supplement actually ENCOURAGES an Active Appetite!!

Protect Your Pet for ONLY $230 (or Less) a YEAR / Less than $4 a Week :

Every Day, Your Dog is EXPOSED to Environmental Toxins & Diseases, such as Pesticides, Fertilizers, Household Cleaners, Canine Influenza and so much More! NuVet Helps Support Their Immune System & Actually Helps Prevent Free Radical build-up in Your Pet's Body! 😯😍


If You CHOOSE to give your dog a Supplement - Don’t get LOST in the Mass Market of Improperly balanced & Improperly sourced Canine Vitamins!  WHY Choose Vitamins with Fillers, Sugar, Preservatives, GMO Ingredients, Low Quality Ingredients & Vitamins that are NOT WORTH Your money??!?! 😱🤯😬


Save Time & Money - CHOOSE NuVet! A Supplement that is Truly Good for Your Pet & even Your Wallet! Save EXTRA by using AUTO-SHIP 😉🥰


NuVet Labs sets the Industry Standard:



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NuVet® products are Natural Supplements made from the Finest Ingredients. They are Guaranteed for Purity, Safety, and Effectiveness.
*As with people, it is possible for pets to be sensitive to an ingredient in any food based product. If your pet has a known food allergy, we recommend reviewing our ingredient list prior to purchase.


The FDA does Not regulate or approve nutraceutical products. For this reason, and due to the time and expense involved, the vast majority of pet product companies do NOT choose to utilize the highest quality manufacturing standards.
However, NuVet Labs understands the importance of safety and quality in manufacturing. This is why we use natural ingredients and voluntarily manufacture our supplements in a FDA-registered pharmaceutical laboratory, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Read more about our manufacturing process here:

NuVet Supplements were Developed by a Team of Scientists & Veterinarians. So, Keep in Mind, Every Single Ingredient was Chosen for a Specific Reason to BENEFIT dogs & cats; NuVet makes it a High Priority to be Honest & display their Ingredients & their Benefits Your Pet.

The Benefits of each ingredient can be found in NuVet's Brochures AND in the Ingredient List for Each Product (NuVet_Brochure_532768.pdf).




Can’t dogs be harmed from Blue-Green Algae? What makes yours different?

With more than 400,000 dogs and cats having used NuVet Plus® since 1997, the Blue-Green Algae in NuVet Plus® has never caused a problem. We use only Blue-Green Algae from one of the safest sources in the world because it grows in running water, rather than still water. The incidents the public has heard of are dealing with Algae coming from stagnant water and not of high quality Algae maintained with running water in a Monitored facility. (Public Issues of Blue-Green Algae stem from Where Bacteria has had Time & Opportunity to Grow UNLIKE the Algae used in NuVet)

WHY get a Supplement when you can Just Feed a Quality Food You May ask??

Unfortunately, Many if not all processed dog foods are cooked at high heats & lose a good amount of their nutritional value... Also, Not all dog foods are made Equal or perfectly leaving Nutrition to be desired.

I know plenty of people feeding “quality” diets to their dogs yet their dogs coats can still look brittle/thin, their appetites can be spotty or they’re just lacking nutrients & we can’t even tell UNTIL we give them NuVet & we See the Difference.
We sometimes see dogs even seeking these nutrients their Lacking by eating feces from other animals/other dogs (Some dogs do eat feces for other reasons but lacking nutrition Can be 1 of those Reasons).


* Why are there no probiotics in your formula?

We do not incorporate probiotics into our formula as we instead utilize prebiotics. The Alfalfa helps to promote the proper environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Therefore, we do not need to import other forms of bacteria – the prebiotics provide a healthy environment for a dog to create its own probiotics. Additionally, the prebiotics contained in NuVet Plus® are derived from a vegetable source; these provide a proper pH balance, as well as the nutrients necessary for proper colon function and health.

* Every Puppy/Adult will come with a LIFETIME Guarantee that they will be GENETICALLY CLEAR (through Parentage) of EVERYTHING their PARENT'S are CLEAR for IF they keep their puppy/dog Healthy with NuVet Plus Vitamins.  If Customer Chooses Not to use NuVet through US they will Only have a ONE (1) YEAR Genetic Guarantee.

** It is ONLY $230 or Less (IF using Auto-Ship) to Keep Your Fur-Baby Healthy for a WHOLE YEAR!

All The Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Immune Support, Free Radical Defense & More that Your Pet Needs for ONLY $230 (or Less) Per Year & Qualifying you for the LIFETIME Genetic Guarantee*! 😍😯🤯🎉


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