4th of July Help

Hope you All have an Amazing, Safe & Blessed 4th of July!! 😘🥰 Be sure to keep Puppies and Dogs away from Fireworks Active/lit or Not, IF ANY FIREWORKS ARE INGESTED THEY ARE DEADLY, SEE YOUR VET ASAP!!!


All L.L.A puppies were exposed Multiple times to Firework Sounds over a loud Speaker. Real Life is still a Bit different so...I Recommend,

1) Taking your Lucky Little Aussie & Watching lots of fireworks (at home with family or the big ones) && hold your new puppy for a while (until consoled)!

2) Then crouch with your new puppy and comfort for a while (until consoled)

3) Then stand up but keep your puppy nearby & just occasionally say it's ok or shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh & try not to engage too much so the puppy learns a Little how to self soothe and that he/she does not Always need you to comfort him/her.

IF this is your dog's FIRST FOURTH of JULY This is Your BEST CHANCE to make a Lasting Impression that the 4th of July is Normal & Safe & help Lessen their chance of Anxiety in the Future! ❤️🍀

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