Aussies of Instagram FROM L.L.A!!

Check out some of our Awesome Lucky Little Aussie Babies from Past Litters && Follow them on Instagram!!

Look at these cuties! Can't wait to see them as Adults!! 😍🥰🙃

Puppies pictured below are: Two Face, Ivy & Riddler (Georgia x Max Minis) && Pixie, Tinkerbell & Jane (Rosie x Swagger Toys)

Tinkerbell & Jane (Rosie babies)

Tinkerbell aka Jersey a TINY Toy Girl from Rosie!

Riddler aka "Dodger_da_doggo"


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Lazy Days...

Just sharing some Quick Pic puppy cuddles from the other night 🥰 I really need to take more photos 😅 I’m just one of those “Live in the Moment” people though so it makes it hard to Remember to have

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