ENS & Volhard Aptitude Testing

I’d like to Encourage EVERYONE Searching for a Puppy to Read the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing Document to see how it Truly helps You in Your Decision when picking a puppy ❤️

I don’t let people choose a puppy until they are 7 Weeks Old Because it’s a 8-15 year commitment & Color is Not going to make or break your relationship like their Energy Level or Personality CAN 😅❤️

The FIRST visit is about Meeting the puppies since it’s been so long waiting for the puppies & the anticipation is killing most people 😅

But Everyone should EXPECT to Wait until 7-7.5 Weeks to Truly Know which puppy they will Bring Home, to make sure their match is made properly for Their lifestyle & that they truly reflect on the Puppy’s Aptitude Scores.

* The Meet & Greet is NOT Mandatory! It’s just for Fun & an EXTRA Opportunity I like to give Our Puppy Buyers since most have waited so long.

** We DO Offer Live Video Chatting to those who cannot or do not want to make the extra trip. You will NOT be at a disadvantage 🥰

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing (aka PAT):


If you have time check out the Early Neurological Stimulation Document as well! EVERY puppy purchased from L.L.A goes through the ENS 🥰:


Our Website to Read More About Our Process & Us:


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