FDA Listed LINKED Foods to Heart Disease

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

A report released by the FDA recently listed 16 grain-free dog food brands as being LINKED to heart disease. BUT there is still Not Enough Information to say these are the definite causes! Right now these are Just Common Factors & the FDA is still trying to figure out the exact cause. As of now these Dog Food Brands are Just LINKED & under further investigation.

We share so people can Research for Themselves and Try to make the Best Informed Decisions.

*You are the Pet Parent & you will not be judged for doing what you Believe is Right. If you Choose to or are Already feeding any of these brands that does Not make you a bad pet parent! Next steps??...

We recommend just researching it more & figuring out WHY Specific Brand foods MAY NOT be ideal & HOW you can improve this either by Switching food OR Supplementing (IF lacking taurine is the issue!).

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