Informative Emergency Recall Article:

STAGES of TRAINING From Article: “I like to divide the dog training into five key stages. Each of these stages is applied to any skill you teach your dog.

1) Get it 2) Pair it 3) Teach it 4) Proof it 5) Maintain it

Stage One: ‘Get It’, is where we get the dog to do the thing we want without telling him or asking him to do it. So for ‘sit’ stage one simply means getting the dog into the sitting position (using a treat or lure). With recall, stage one just means getting the dog running towards you.

Stage two: ‘Pair It’, is about pairing that action with a word such as ‘sit’ or ‘come’. Or a sound, such as a whistle.

And Stage three: ‘Teach It’, is about teaching the dog to respond to the cue word, and to differentiate between different cue words. This is where we help him select the right response to each cue.

And the last two stages? ‘Proof It’ is about teaching a dog to respond to a cue, even when he is distracted or wants to do something else, and ‘Maintain It’, is pretty self explanatory. So, let’s see how this fits in with our emergency recall.”

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