Value of Dew Claws & a Natural Tail..

We do NOT dock Tails or remove Dew Claws!

These are Essential body parts & they DO Have a purpose!

PLEASE, we urge you to take the time to read this post & the References we have included before supporting tail docking & dew claw removal 💕

Dew Claws: “During canter/turning, dew claws dig into the ground to keep the carpus from turning. It IS a functioning digit & they can use it as such. “200-1” are the odds/Chances of Injury (low injury issue).”

“Very helpful in icy weather. When dew claws are removed, the tendons/ligs are modified & it takes away strength from the dog. In most cases, if you keep the nail trimmed it really doesn't pose as a risk of catching on things - certainly things can happen but the risk is not as high as it's made out to be.”

Dew Claw functionality:

And more:


Tail Docking: We do NOT dock tails. 🥰 We have done Extensive research on the USEFULNESS of Tails & Dew Claws. We feel that leaving the tails the puppies are Born with & NOT docking for Cosmetic Preferences is a more ethical path for us. We do Not feel comfortable with altering their bodies & removing an Essential part of their body (their TAIL) that aids in BALANCE, SOCIALIZATION/COMMUNICATION, SWIMMING AIDE & other aspects of their lives.…/Frequently-asked-questions-about-can…

“The essential question is not “How harmful is the procedure?”, but rather “Is there sufficient justification for performing it?” Performing a surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes (i.e., for the sake of appearance) implies the procedure is not medically indicated. Because dogs have not been shown to derive self-esteem or pride in appearance from having their tails docked (common reasons for performing cosmetic procedures on people), there is no obvious benefit to our patients in performing this procedure. The only benefit that appears to be derived from cosmetic tail docking of dogs is the owner’s impression of a pleasing appearance. In the opinion of the AVMA, this is insufficient justification for performing a surgical procedure” (AVMA).…/Welfare-Implications-of-Tail-Docking…

Also, the Breed Standard per the ASDR website ALLOWS the natural, long tails (undocked) due to docking being illegal outside of the U.S & because they recognize personal preference. 🥰

(Link Attached Below Please refer to the Neck & Body Portion of the Page)

—> The AVMA provides AMPLE References in Each link and we Encourage people to visit those references and research on their own 💕

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