What Drive & Temperament Fits YOUR LIFESTYLE?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Here at L.L.A, we want to Strongly Recommend as you all search for a puppy that you ask every breeder About Each Puppy’s DRIVE level (“energy level”) and their TEMPERMENT (“personality”).

Overall, personality & energy levels will impact your life more than the way they Look.

You grow to love any of them (usually before you even get them lol) but when their Personality & their Energy Level MATCHES yours & your family’s it’s just Perfect!! 😍

I personally wish the breeders I spoke with Guided me a bit as far as Each Puppy’s Drive when I was looking because I may have chosen differently.

It makes it hard when you aren’t as active as your dog wants to be. Or when you are More active than your dog wants to be 😅

Boredom is the Main reason for destructive & unwanted behavior.

** We don’t want any of you to feel like we are telling you to disregard what you are looking for 💕

We just want you to find it & more 😉💕

This article may help! 😄


6-8 Weeks is when you Really Know Personality & Drive levels (in my opinion) but we can get a good Idea @ 5 Weeks old. & (in my opinion) these personalities/drives Can fluctuate a bit but they usually Don't. It Helps to at least Consider Personality & Drive Over color & even Gender when choosing a puppy that is going to be a part of your family forever.

For example, we went to a breeder looking to get a Female and ended up getting a Male because he was the only puppy that wasn’t All Over Everyone. He came up, played for a minute, loved on us then sat back and just watched. He stayed true to his personality and energy level from that 8 week mark until now at Over 1 year.

He is 1 of our Low-Medium Drive dogs and he is the Perfect dog for semi-active families. He can run faster than we bike, he jogs, hikes plays but he also can cuddle and relax for a few hours at a time!

So, as a breeder we have this Group of puppies who all react to each other & others in different ways, who play longer/shorter than others, who will cuddle and lay longer/shorter than others, who jump & run more than others and These are the things that we here @ LuckyLittleAussies use to help Guide people into finding their perfect match.

Some Other breeders do this as well and breeders know their puppies (usually) and IF you ask The breeder can Usually help guide you! 💕😊

*Environment and how the dog is raised as it ages will also impact personality and can even impact drive a little, but not much.

Added a Photo of Max Still my Heart Dog Winter 2018 <3

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