Recommended Links:

Raising Your Canine Successfully:



Puppy Energy, Temperament & Drives!:


How to Avoid Over-Exercising Your Dog (aka Creating a SuperDog)?







L.L.A's View on Canine Love Languages!:



Fear Stages:



Dominance Training Methods, like the Alpha Roll & WHY you should NOT use these Methods:


Fear or Excitement Urination & What to DO or Not DO:



Dog Bites & HOW to PREVENT it:


Puppy Training Steps & Emergency Recall:


L.L.A’s View on Dog Parks:

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing & Early Neurological Stimulation Documents:


Does a Puppy = a Dirty House?! 🧐


Health & Nutrition:

WHY we do NOT Dock or Remove Dew Claws:

What is a CARRIER of a RECESSIVE Disease?:

Spaying/Neutering can do WHAT to my Dog’s Health?!


WHY we don't use Heartworm/Flea/Tick Medications & Why we Choose Natural Alternatives:

NuVet Vitamins & Products:



Myth-Busters: Corn & Grain IN Dog Foods Edition!



AAFCO - What is In Pet Food EXPLAINED:



The Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the Internet:



Interpreting Food Labels, North America:



Nutritional Assessment Checklist:



WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee: Recommendations on Selecting Pet Foods


Feeding Guidelines:





Hill’s - Is Corn Bad for Pets?

CANINE HEART DISEASE & What to Feed or NOT Feed Your Pets?: 

How Often Should You Wash Your Canines:

Canine Ear Cleaning; When & How Often:

Extra Information:




Red Merle or Blue Merle? How to tell:

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