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Lucky Little Aussies' LOVES Animals & Quality Pet Products! 


Pet Products not only keep our pets physically healthy but are able to provide mental stimulation, comfort and provide ways for us to bond with our furry companions. 

Our Pets’, Puppies & other Animals Health/Safety is Top Priority! Being able to offer Quality products that are safe and bring joy to our pets & Yours is the best!


In order to ensure our Pets & Customers are getting quality, safe products we have tried many products in a wide variety of categories.  This has helped us decide what items we want to offer/recommend to the Pet Parents that come to us.


Most Products on this page are produced by our Affiliate Companies.  L.L.A's Shop is always In-Progress because we are Always Re-Evaluating Products and comparing them to newer models or other companies.  

All Products sold here have proven to be Quality, Safe, Useful, Enjoyable, Invaluable, Worthwhile & More.  

Plus, L.L.A's Prices are Kept Low to help our Customers! 


Be sure to check out our NuVet Page! We stand behind NuVet Products 100% & we Wholeheartedly Believe NuVet Products are Beneficial, Safe and Invaluable for Our pets & Yours. 💕

  • Vitamins 

  • PH Balanced Shampoos 

  • Ear Cleaner 

  • Stain Remover

  • and More 


Please, refer to the "NuVet Vitamins & Products" Page on our Website.  

*We Support ALL Products sold here in our shop; However, we make No claims of support for other companies' social media posts, extracurricular activities, how they use their funds, where their funds come from, moral or legal beliefs or activities, etc. We do not monitor other companies beyond testing/using their physical products available to the public.