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    For us to cover any veterinarian bills after a dog is no longer in our care we must be consulted Prior to any veterinarian procedures and agree to a percentage or entirety of those procedures' costs; as all Veterinarians price differently and we are only a small business and must choose wisely.

    We must choose veterinarians by Quality of Care of course but, also, by their pricing policies. Please, be sure to Call All Local Veterinarians to get a Price Quote Before taking Your Pet in and Contact L.L.A.  


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California Law Disclosures:

§ 122220. Notice to consumers; posting; provision of information to prospective purchasers:


(a) Every pet dealer shall post conspicuously within close proximity to the cages of dogs offered for sale, a notice containing the following language in 100-point type:


"Information on the source of these dogs, and veterinary treatments received by these dogs is available for review."


"You are entitled to a copy of a statement of consumer rights."


(b) Every pet dealer shall, upon request for information regarding a dog, make immediately available to prospective purchasers all of the information required to be disclosed to purchasers pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 122140 and pursuant to Section 122190.



(Added by Stats.1995, c. 415 (S.B.1360), § 7.)




§ 122305. Notice; posting by dog dealers:


Every dog dealer that sells registered dogs or that claims that the dogs being sold are registered or are registerable with a dog pedigree registry shall post conspicuously within close proximity to the dogs offered for sale, a notice containing the following language in at least 100-point type:


"Pedigree registration does not assure proper breeding conditions, health, quality, or claims to lineage."



(Added by Stats.1995, c. 415 (S.B.1360), § 7.)




§ 122310. Dog pedigree registration disclosure; requirements:


(a) For every dog sold by a dog dealer or dog breeder that is sold with any representation that the dog is registered or registrable with a dog pedigree registry, the following fully completed disclosure shall be made, orally and in writing on a separate sheet from any other statements, including, but not limited to, the name of the dog dealer or breeder and the name of the relevant dog pedigree registry:


Disclosure by DOG PEDIGREE REGISTRATION DISCLOSURE Description of dog:
   Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd   


  The dog you are purchasing is registered/registerable

 [circle/Highlight one] with the    ASDR   [enter name of registry], IF Breeding/Full Right or Show Rights are Purchased.


Registration means only that     ASDR    [enter name of registry] maintains information regarding the parentage and identity of this dog, it does not guarantee the quality or health of this dog, and it does not guarantee quality lineage. Since dog pedigree registries depend in large part on the honesty and accuracy of persons registering dogs, registration does not guarantee the accuracy of the lineage recorded nor that this dog is purebred.



 Retail Purchaser's Signature 



(b) The disclosure in subdivision (a) shall be signed and dated by the retail purchaser of the dog acknowledging receipt of a copy of the statement and the dog dealer or dog breeder shall retain a copy.



(Added by Stats.1995, c. 415 (S.B.1360), § 7.)


Lucky Little Aussies/L.L.A's Puppy Contract:

This Contract MUST be Completed Prior Picking Up Your Puppy to Protect Your Family, Our Family & Our Little Aussies 🥰

Lucky Little Aussies/L.L.A's Release of Liability Waiver:

This waiver MUST be Completed Prior to Visiting or Picking Up Your Puppy to Protect Your Family, Our Family & Our Little Aussies 🥰

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